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Spending the last decade of my career photographing life’s most joyous celebrations was such an honor. But as my career in project management has become more demanding and I watch my family grow older, I have found a greater importance to be more present in the moment and enjoy as much time in this life, as I possibly can.

Though you'll see less portraiture content, moving forward I will continue to document my adventures in travel and share my appreciation for the natural world through nature essays.

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If you really must know more...
  • I am a relationship manager in the healthcare industry. I love driving process changes that help improve efficiency.
  • A bucket list experience of mine is to visit and photograph every U.S. National Park.
  • The Kennedy Space Center is my equivalent to Disney World.
  • I love animals and have kept freshwater aquariums since childhood.
  • I have visited the following aquariums: St. Louis Aquarium, Shedd Aquarium (IL), the Georgia Aquarium, the Tennessee Aquarium, Newport Aquarium (KY), Aquarium of the Pacific (CA), and the Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium (MO).
  • I am a member and frequent visitor of the St. Louis Aquarium and Missouri Botanical Garden.
  • I love traveling and writing all about my experiences.
  • I am a total documentary junkie. Especially if it involves science and nature.
  • One of the best parts of my day is my early morning, predawn run.
  • Currently reading: How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie. Cosmos, Carl Sagan (my favorite book and frequent re-read)

2023 Travel Destinations

Tampa, Florida | June
Napa Valley, California | October

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