Botanical Gardens Linnean House

Linnæan House, Missouri Botanical Garden

Recent rainfall provided a brief respite from our brutal dog days of Summer, providing an opportunity to comfortably venture outdoors. I was fortunate to be able to utilize a short window of free time to quickly visit the Botanical Garden reflecting pools and see how much the water lily collection has grown.

Interesting backstory: The term "dog days of Summer" actually refers to the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, also known as the "Dog Star". Across ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the rising of Sirius heralded the extreme rise in temperatures associated with Summer. It was once believed that the presence of Sirius combined with the power of our own Sol resulted in the sweltering "dog days".

I never tire of visiting the Linnean House reflecting pools throughout the Summer season. I hope you will enjoy this latest collection of photographs taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Magenta Hard Water Lily

Hard Water Lily, Nymphaeaceae

Hard Water Lily, Nymphaeaceae
Overhead image of a magenta Hard Water Lily
Dragonflies mating on water lily pads

A mating pair of Common Green Darners, Anax junius

Sprawling lily pads

lily pad group

Reflecting cloud cover creates a dynamic pattern in the pool waters.

white lily flower
large group of lily pads and a magenta hard lily flower
Linnæan House, Missouri Botanical Garden